Other Short Fiction


Darth Vader Ruined My Grandmother’s Furniture (June ’22)

A nightmare, the worst of nightmares, sharpened dreadful by its hint to some black thing that I couldn’t properly see…

Erinn (March ’22)

…past the misty haze of pollen and shade she saw glimpses of the gathering there arriving. Flickers of beastly form a moment seen then gone, brightly coloured hats and silken cravats and pipes that were surely too ornate to smoke, the hinted passing of plumage and fur and many a magnificent horn…

The Astronomer (January ’22)

They drifted in ensembles and duets, northward and southbound, some with the subtle rotations of sparkling astrolabes. I realised, in amazement, that they were coalescing into some kind of form