Door Mimic

Prompt: You are mimic. You refuse to use that old trick with chest shape, instead you replaced door in simple house, where owner feeds you delicious fresh rats every day. In exchange you keep house safe. After all, no bad guy expects door to punch them…

Author’s note: The above comes verbatim from Reddit’s r/WritingPrompts — which prompts can on occasion be quite, eh… original.


When Mr. Kevin said I should take shape of a chest, my response was “no.”

“I refuse, Mr. Kevin. For I have better idea.”

The intruders will expecting chest. Instead I become door. Door to room in this simple house to room where wife’s jewellery is kept.

But Mr. Kevin was insist on the chest.

“I insist on the chest,” he said.

“I refuse the chest,” I replied.

“But on the chest I insist.”

“I refuse the chest and become the door. As the door, you will feed me rats.”

“I am now convinced of the door.”

I am mimic for hire that eats rats. Mr. Kevin was burgled by men in black masks and hired me assist with security of his simple home. He was pleased I ate rats as there many rats in the attic.

The first night, no men came.

The second night, a man came when Mr. Kevin was away, but it was friend of Mrs. Kevin.

The third night, this same man came again.

Same man the fourth night.

Mr. Kevin came back the fifth night, and fed me three fresh and delicious rats. I did not see Mrs. Kevin’s friend again.

The sixth night, the men in black masks came. When they came to jewellery room, I punched them in their faces. These men had never been punched by a door. When they realised it was a door punched them, they fed me rats. I then became the door on ensuite bathroom. When Mr. Kevin went bathroom in the morning, I punched him. Mr. Kevin was more surprised than the men in black masks to be punched by door, but he did not feed me rats. Instead he asked me to leave.

I left with the men and they asked I help them by becoming many doors in exchange for many rats. I am now criminal mimic specialise in doors and punching many people in their faces.




5 responses to “Door Mimic”

  1. Hehehe… using the same sort of syntax in the original request for the whole piece adds quite the flair.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Considering putting this forward for a MacArthur Fellowship campaign. Thoughts?

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Maybe submit with it similar such pieces, so that the fellowship committee is able to better see its unorthodox genius.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s very funny. It’s quite an original story too. A mimic turning into a door, I would never come up with such a thing. It’s amazingly strange.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Apparently it’s a reference to some owl character from a story, can’t remember what. Out of context it’s the weirdest prompt I’ve seen 😂


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